Why I choose hair fibres over surgery?

There are many ways of keeping your luscious locks of hair but surgery is one of the big ones and I am about to explain why I chose not to have surgery.

You can get lost for hours researching into the latest developments in hair loss and find what looks like the perfect solution.

I really wanted to have surgery.

I thought it would be great, yes I would have to take weeks of work, get a loan out and most probably travel to another country to get it done, however I would have a full head of hair and carry on with my life.

The more I got into it the more I realised the results varied drastically, people were warning others not to get any kind of surgery done as it had done more damage then good, people were saying it was great… but they had to have it done two or three times, people have had surgery but still find themselves using hair fibres anyway as their hair is still too thin, there were even people posting pictures of their new hair and it looked like it had been implanted in the style of a lego figure.

I started freaking out thinking that there was no viable solution. I thought it was inevitable and I was going to have to shave it all off or just keep the hair and pretend there is nothing wrong.

That was enough internet for the day.

I pondered on it for a good few months until the patch was on the border of showing its self and the comb over wasn’t enough. Back to the hours, days, weeks of research online…

This is when I discovered hair fibres.

I had seen it before and instantly dismissed it, surely a small bottle of powder can’t give you a full head of hair in seconds, must be clever marketing with Photoshop. I was desperate, I took the dive and decided to order a premium fibre.

Instant results!...

As soon as I received my bottle of fibre I had to try it out. I just couldn’t believe that I had been missing out for all this time. My hair looked thick and natural. I then went on experimenting with the product and worked out the best way to apply it for me:

Dry and style hair with hair dryer
Apply fibre
Hair spray

After a few months of using I was in love with the product, however it was fairly pricey and the product/bottle didn’t meet my needs. This wasn’t going to be the perfect or sustainable daily grooming product for me. I went on to eBay and Amazon and found cheaper versions, these were nothing but cheap alternatives and I soon realised, like most things in life, you get what you paid for. The fibres clumped together, they didn’t look natural and the colour was way off, no amount of mixing was going to sort this out.

The Daily Groom was born.
I decided it was enough and I wanted a premium product that had a daily price tag. No where had a solution, there were ‘sales’ here there and everywhere that kept changing every day. I wanted a premium product with a consistent price, no fad sales and a company I could trust to always give me the perfect product. The only way to do this was to source and produce the perfect daily fibre, so that’s what I did.

The product had to be:
Premium 100% natural hair fibres
Bottle had to be premium, classy, usable and discreet
The price had to be right

The hair fibres I chose are made from a sustainable 100% natural source of Gossypium Herbaceum commonly known as Levant cotton. This was important to me as I intended on using these on a daily basis and didn’t want to cause any harm to myself or the planet.

Gossypium Herbaceum is a species of cotton which is native to the semi-arid regions of sub-Saharan Africa where it still grows in the wild as a perennial shrub.

Why Gossypium Herbaceum?
Gossypium Herbaceum cotton fibres give amazing coverage which leads to instant, natural results every time, we also wanted a fibre that could be worn all day everyday and Gossypium Herbaceum was perfect for this, as even the most sensitive skin will not be irritated.

What I had discovered with many other brands is that they liked to use bigger bottles. This didn’t work for me as it took up more room in my wash bag and it was just ugly and obvious. I chose to go with smaller 25g bottles. My bottles were discreet, the branding was classy/subtle and the bottle was transparent to a certain degree to keep an eye on usage. Perfect!

Price was very important in the development of my hair fibres. There was no compromises to the quality, usability or look. It had to be the right price for everyone. I managed to get the price down to £20 for 25g, £35 for 50g, £50 for 75g, £65 for 100g and so on. You pay £20 for the first 25g then every 25g added is only £15 extra. This is by far the best quality hair fibre that matches and exceeds the quality of even the most expensive fibres.

To gain a full head of  hair from surgery, for the moment, is out of the question. Maybe when the results are more consistent and at a lower price I may consider it. For me hair fibres were the perfect answer, but everyones situation is different and if you do decide to go through the surgical route do your research and give hair fibres a go first!

I hope you enjoyed the content. Please leave a comment below, and don’t forget to check out the shop!

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