What are The Daily Groom hair fibres made of?
Our fibres are made from natural cotton found in plants. Gossyplum Herbaceum fibre, mineral based colourants (natural iron oxide).


How will wind, rain and perspiration affect the fibres?

They won’t. The fibres will stay in firmly in place especially when hairspray is applied. There won’t be any colour running down your face half way through the marathon or on your rainy walk to work.


Do these fibres affect hair growth?

No chance. Our fibres allow your scalp and hair to breath. Our product is completely natural and will not do any damage to your hair.


Do these fibres affect hair growth products?
Not at all. All hair loss products can be used with our fibres. Just ensure that your hair and scalp is dry before application.


How long do they stay in place?
They will stay in place until you wash your hair. Just add a few shakes if a touch up is needed.


Can they cover roots, greys or colour treated regrowth?
Can disguise all of the above when applied correctly.


Can they be used with all hair styling products?
As long as applied in the correct order. With wax, gel, mousse etc we recommend that you apply fibres after you have styled. We recommend applying fibres before you hairspray. However to find your daily groom you will have to experiment.


How do I lock in the fibres for extra security?
Any strong hairspray of your choice.


What types of hair do these fibres work with?
All types, styles and colours.


How long will one 25g bottle last?
One 25g bottle, if used daily and depending on how generously applied can last up to two months if not longer. As everyone uses different amounts and applies our fibres in different ways we advise you to make a note of the first day of application so you can keep track of your usage… Its always good to have a spare bottle. If you know your colour we recommend purchasing our duo pack.


Can I mix different colours of fibres?
All hair is different and to get a better match you can mix the fibres in the hair or in a spare bottle.


How do I apply the fibres?
Everybody works out their own way of applying fibres.

You can:

  • Style with hairdryer, fibre, hairspray
  • Fibre, hairspray
  • Style with product (wax, gel, mousse, etc…), fibre, hairspray
  • And many more…

You have to experiment and see what works best for you.


When will my order be sent?
We aim to get your order dispatched on the same day order has been placed. Please allow 1-2 days for delivery.